League Singles – Tuesday 15th January 2019

There were twelve entrants for this year’s singles competition. These entrants were divided into four groups with each bowler playing two matches in a round robin format. The top two teams from each group went forward to a knockout stage commencing with quarter finals.

Progress through the knockout stages is shown below :

league singles jan 19 001












The final , over 12 ends, was a low scoring match which went to the last end before a winner became clear. Johnathon needed two shots to force an extra end but could only achieve one  with Richard clinching the match by 8 shots to 7.

League Doubles – Tuesday 12th February 2019.

Twelve pairs teams entered this year’s competition with teams being allocated to four groups for the round robin series of matches. This resulted in teams playing two group matches with the top two teams from each group proceeding to a knockout stage. Progress through the group stage is shown below  :

KD league doubles 19 001


















Progress through the knockout stages is shown below with Jonathon Smith and Richard Payne beating Trish and Terry Clifford in the final.







League  –  Ladies Singles  –  Tuesday 26th February 2019

Because there were two competitions scheduled for the 26th – singles and the league triples  –  there were only two ladies who could participate in this competition  –  Rachel Skye Wesson and Dolcie Salter. They played two matches, with one win and one draw each. They played a 3 end shoot out which Rachel won.

League  –  Triples  –  Tuesday 26th February 2019.

Nine triples teams participated in this year’s competition with teams being allocated into three groups  –  the top team from each group went forward to a semi final knockout stage with the best   runner up from the three groups joining them. Teams played two matches with Dave Grove/Sandra Felton/Alan Walters clocking up a massive plus shot difference of 29, with the next nearest team  –  Trish Clifford/Rob Franklin/Terry Clifford having a plus shot difference of 19.

A summary of the group matches is shown below :


















In the semi finals played over six ends Alan Walters team beat Tony Whitehouse’s  team 6-4 with Terry Clifford’s team having a very comfortable win over Doug Christian’s team 15-1.

In the final, also over six ends, the two Churchill and Blakedown teams met with Alan’s team running out winners by 7 shots to 2 over Terry’s team.

Sid Arthurs Memorial Cup  –  Tuesday 12th march 2019.

The first two games of this competition took place on the 12th March with all four teams of the league competing. The second series of games – ie  the semi finals saw a narrow win for Allsorts over SOS by 16 shots to 14 , and a massive win by Blakedown over  Tornadoes by 34 shots to 2.  The final will be played on the 26th march.

A summary of the results so far is shown below :

SAM 2019 001