County Singles  –  Sunday 11th December 2016

There was a disappointing number of bowlers competing this year with thirteen being allocated between four groups, with the top two from each group proceeding to a quarter final knockout. Participating players at the quarter final stage were  –  Jim Tingle v Leah Thompson,   Mark Bourne v Johnathon Smith,   Terry Clifford v Cayman Dredge,   and Richard Payne v Malcolm Saunders. After some hard fought and entertaining matches there were wins for Jim, Mark,Terry and Malcolm. The semi final line up was   Jim Tingle v Terry Clifford    and    Mark Bourne v Malcolm Saunders.  Mark Bourne had a comfortable win but Jim and Terry’s match could only be decided by playing an extra end with Jim managing to win that end.

In the final Mark Bourne beat Jim Tingle by 14 shots to 5.


County Singles Winner, Mark Bourne, receives his trophy from County President and Captain, Richard Payne.


County Singles runner up, Jim Tingle, receives his trophy from Richard Payne.

Winner  :  Mark Bourne

Runner up  :  Jim Tingle


County Fours  –  Saturday 7th January 2017

Five teams entered this year’s competition :

Team 1   –   Maureen Tingle / Avis Beddow  /  Ann Hough  /  Jim Tingle

Team 2   –   Jenny Gibbs  /  Trish Clifford  /  Alan Walters  /  Terry Clifford

Team 3   –   Dave Grove  /  Yvonne Payne  /  Richard Rose  /  Richard Payne

Team 4   –   Leah Thompson  /  Phil Thompson  /  Pete Hopkins  /  Mark Bourne

Team 5   –   Keith Mills  /  Tony Crowley  /  Richard Danks  /  Anthony Kilgour

The teams were in one group with a total of four matches for each team, with each match being played over nine ends. Two points were awarded for a win and one for a draw.The group result is shown below with the top two teams progressing to a final. In total ten matches were played with three of these drawn.

Group Results

Won     Drawn     Lost     Points

Team   4             2              2            0            6

Team   3             2              1             1           5

Team   5             2              0            2            4

Team   2             1              1             2           3

Team   1             0              2            2            2

The final between Mark Bourne’s team and Richard Payne’s team was also played over nine ends. Richard’s team got off to a flying start taking five shots off the first two ends  –  the team were leading 9-0 after four ends. Mark’s team then took four shots off the fifth end. With another four shots taken by Richard’s team in the seventh end, the match was taken of the reach of Mark’s team, with Richard’s team winning 14-5 in the 8th end.

Both teams proceed to the National Finals on 8th April 2017.


TOP – Winners – from the left – Richard Rose / Dave Grove / Yvonne Payne / Richard Payne – Bottom – Runners up – from the left – Pete Hopkins / Mark Bourne / Phil Thompson / Leah Thompson.

Winners  :  Dave Grove  /  Yvonne Payne  /  Richard Rose  /  Richard Payne

Runners Up  :  Leah Thompson  /  Phil Thompson  /  Pete Hopkins  /  Mark Bourne


County Pairs  –  Sunday 15th January 2017

Nine teams entered this year’s competition  –  Dave Grove / Alan Walters  —  Richard Rose / Leah Thompson  —  Ann Hough / Avis Beddow  —  Sandra Felton / Jim Tingle  —  Jenny Gibbs / Malcolm Saunders  —  Keith Mills / Tony Gilgour  —  Richard Payne / Ian Davis  —  Phil Thompson / Mark Bourne  —  Trish Clifford /   Terry Clifford.

Teams were divided into two groups, with the top two teams from both groups, having been decided after a series of group matches, progressing to a semi final stage.

Trish and Terry Clifford played against Dave Grove and Alan Walters in one of the semi finals. This was a close match with Trish and Terry leading by one shot going into the final end. Dave and Alan won this final end by two shots, winning the match 11-10. The second semi final between Richard Payne/Ian Davis and Phil Thompson/Mark Bourne was also close, with scores level at the beginning of the last end  8-8. Phil and Mark took the last end by one shot to secure their place in the final.

In the final a total of nine shots were scored off the first nine ends, with Dave and Alan leading 6-3 at that time.They went on to become comfortable winners.

Pairs W 2017 001

County Pairs winners 15th January 2017 – Alan Walters and Dave Grove


Pairs RU 2017 001

County Pairs runners up 15th January 2017 – Mark Bourne and Phil Thompson



Winners  –  Alan Walters and Dave Grove

Runners up  –  Mark Bourne and Phil Thompson


County Triples  –  Sunday 22nd January 2017.

Seven teams entered this year’s competition  –  Belinda Gibbs/Trish Clifford/Jenny Gibbs  —  Yvonne Payne/Anthony Ruddy/Richard Payne  —  Richard Hulbert/Richard Danks/Tony Kilgour  —  Richard Rose/Malcolm Saunders/Terry Clifford  —  Dave Grove/Sandra Felton/Alan Walters  —  Ann Hough/Avis Beddow/Peter Forster  —  Phil Thompson/Pete Hopkins/Mark Bourne.

Teams were divided into two groups with teams in the group of four playing nine end matches and the group of three playing thirteen ends. The top two teams from each group progressing to semi finals.

Having won all their group matches, Richard Rose/Malcolm Saunders/Terry Clifford then went on to beat Ann Hough/Avis Beddow and Peter Forster in their semi final. Richard Hulbert/Richard Danks and Tony Kilgour were winners in their semi final against Phil Thompson/Pete Hopkins and Mark Bourne.

With the time allocated to the county for this competition running out, the time  available for the final between Terry Clifford’s triples team and Tony Kilgour’s team resulted in an initial determination that the match should be played over eight ends. This was subsequently curtailed to six ends with Richard Hulbert/Richard Danks/Tony Kilgour being declared winners. Both finalists go forward to the ESMBA National Finals on 9th April 2017.

Winners  :  Richard Hulbert/Richard Danks/Tony Kilgour

Runners up  :  Richard Rose/Malcolm Saunders/Terry Clifford


County Mixed Fours  –  29th January 2017

The round robin competition was very tight with two teams coming out on top. In the final Jim Tingle/Peter Forster/Avis Beddow and Ann Hough had a comfortable win over Terry Clifford/Alan Walters/Trish Clifford and Jenny Gibbs.

Winners  –  Jim Tingle/Peter Forster/ Avis Beddow/Ann Hough

Runners up  –  Terry Clifford/Alan Walters/Trish Clifford/Jenny Gibbs.


President’s Cup  –  11th March 2017

The President’s Cup is an annual open drawn pairs event. This year there were eighteen bowlers competing – nine pairs – a rather disappointing number. Those participating, however, had a most enjoyable day of bowling with some interesting results..

The nine pairs were allocated into three groups.

Pres Cup 11 March groups 2 001




The top two teams from each group ( based on points/shot difference ) automatically went forward to the quarter final knockout stage – together with Sandra Felton/Terry Clifford and Jenny Gibbs/Johnathon Smith again based on points/shot difference.

The quarter finals and semi finals results are shown below :

Pres Cup 11 March quarter and semi 001

The final was played between Jenny Gibbs/Johnathon Smith ( who had lost their two opening group matches ) and Richard Rose/Dave Grove ( who had won their two opening group matches). In an interesting final match of the day Jenny and Johnathon came out winners by 9 shots to 5 to claim the Presidents Cup for 2017.

11th March photo 001

Jenny Gibbs and Johnathon Smith receive the President’s Cup for 2017

Macmillan Trophy  –  12th November 2016.

An annual competition staged by Herefordshire Short Mat Bowling Association, is open to teams across Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and beyond, and is held to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. In an open draw format each team of four players plays four games across the day and the overall winner is decided by points and shot difference. A junior trophy kindly donated by Peter Rowland of Macmillan, is presented to the best performing junior player. The tournament regularly raises in excess of £1500  for friends at Macmillan. The 2016 tournament raised £2000.

For the 2016 competition, which was held at the Bromyard Leisure centre on the 12th November, three teams from Worcestershire joined 33 other teams in what turned out to be a most enjoyable day of short mat bowling. Jim Tingle, Maureen Tingle, Avis Beddow, and Derek Beddow  entered a team under the banner of “Stourport”. Jenny Gibbs, Belinda Gibbs, Anthony Ruddy and Richard Rose entered under “Churchill”, and Trish Clifford, Gary Markham, Alan Walters and Terry Clifford entered as “Blakedown.  Well done Churchill for coming third in this competition. Blakedown were 17th and Stourport 25th.

A report on this tournament has been posted onto the Herefordshire  web site   –    –  and visitors to the site will see the full results table.

It is hoped that short mat bowlers within Worcestershire will read this report with interest and perhaps be motivated to enter future Macmillan tournaments.