County Mixed Fours  –  Sunday 18th November  2018.

Four teams entered in this year’s competition as follows :

Team  1,  Jenny Gibbs / Trish Clifford / Alan Walters / Terry Clifford

Team  2.  Avis Beddow / Anne Hough / Pete Forster / Johnathon Smith

Team  3,  Belinda Gibbs / Maureen Tingle / Cayman Dredge / Jim Tingle

Team  4.  Yvonne Payne / Sandra Felton / Richard Rose / Richard Payne

The first part of the competition consisted of a round robin series with each team playing three matches of nine ends,The results of these matches are shown below below :

mixed 4s results sum nov 2018 4 001








A final was played between the top two teams  –  Terry Clifford’s team and Jim Tingle’s team.. This was yet another hard fought match which Jim Tingle’s team won by 12 shots to 5, a score line which possibly did not reflect just how hard fought the match turned out to be. Having said that Jim’s team were in the lead throughout the match and continually had the edge over their opponents.

WINNERS  : Belinda Gibbs/Maureen Tingle/ Cayman Dredge and Jim Tingle

RUNNERS UP   :  Jenny Gibbs/Trish Clifford/Alan Walters/terry Clifford 

winners 18 11 18 001

Jim/Belinda/Maureen/Cayman, winners of the County mixed fours competition 18th November 2018


County Singles  –  Sunday 2nd December 2018.

There were only 11 entrants in this years singles competition following a low take up of places and some late cancellations.

Entrants were allocated into two groups of four and one group of three for the round robin series. The top two bowlers from each group proceeded to a quarter final knockout stage together with the two best non qualifiers from  groups 1-3,  who in effect formed “Group 4”.

In the group stages Richard Rose and Malcolm Saunders were unbeaten in their matches.

A summary of the group matches is set out below :

singles 2 dec. 18 group results 001








In the quarter finals Jim Tingle beat Dave Grove 17-7, Malcolm Saunders beat Johnathon Smith 12-11, Richard Rose beat Alan Walters 13-8 and Richard Payne beat Terry Clifford 12-11.

In the semi finals there were comfortable wins for Richard Payne against Malcolm Saunders and Richard Rose against Jim Tingle.

The two Richards played an entertaining final with fortunes swinging from one to the other with both bowlers having notable successes. The 11th end saw both bowlers on 11 shots with only four ends to play. By the end of the 14th end Richard Payne was leading 15-12 which in many ways reflected the true score for the match showing just how close and hard fought it had been throughout. The 15th end was played with Richard Payne winning the county singles champion title.

County Pairs  –  Saturday 5th January 2019

Seven teams entered this year’s competition, a disappointing number compared with previous years, but an enjoyable and rewarding day’s bowling for those who participated. Teams were divided into two groups with the top two teams from each group going forward to a semi final knockout.

A summary of the group results is set out below  :

Pairs jan 2019 results sum 2 001













All matches were played over twelve ends. In a closely fought first semi final between Cayman Dredge / Jim Tingle and Richard Payne / Johnathon Smith, the teams were level 9-9 going into the final end. Cayman and Jim kept their nerve and won this final end by two shots. In the second semi final between Dave Grove / Alan Walters and Trish / Terry Clifford,  Dave and Alan were in fine form and led throughout the match running out winners by 16 shots to 7.

In the final, Dave and Alan continued their strong and consistent play of the semi final winning nine of the twelve ends, having led from the third end. They were comfortable winners by 12 shots to 3, thus taking the county pairs championship for 2018/19.

Pairs winners Jan 2019 001

Alan Walters and Dave Grove, winners of the county pairs championship 2018/19













County Fours  –  Sunday 13th January 2019.

Four teams entered this year’s competition  :

Team  1.  Jenny Gibbs/Trish Clifford/Alan Walters/Terry Clifford.

Team  2.  Yvonne Payne/Richard Rose/Richard Payne/Johnathon Smith.

Team  3.  Pete Forster/Anne Hough/Sandra Felton/Avis Beddow.

Team  4.  Belinda Gibbs/Malcolm Saunders/ Cayman Dredge/Jim Tingle.

In the group games three teams had two wins and one lost game. Jim tingle’s team had two narrow losses ( 7-9 and 8-9 ). Terry’s team had wins of 13-6 and 14-6, Johnathon’s team had wins of 9-7 and 17-5, and Avis and her team had wins of 9-5 and 9-8.

A summary of the group matches is shown below  :

Fours results sum 19 jan 19 001









Teams 1 and 2 above played a final, which turned out to be a nail biting evenly matched game. In a low scoring match, Johnathon’s team were leading 6-2 after the fifth end. Terry’ team then went on to win the next three ends by one shot, won the ninth end by two shots, and went into the last end leading by 7 shots to 6. In a nail biting final end Johnathon’s team snatched a two shot win to win overall by 8 shots to 7. Both teams go forward to the National Finals in April.

Fours winners 2 jan 19 001

Richard Rose / Johnathon Smith / Yvonne Payne / Richard Payne – winners of the 2018/19 County Fours Championship










Fours ru 2 jan 19 001

Terry Clifford / Jenny Gibbs / Trish Clifford / Alan Walters – runners up in the County Fours Championship 2018/.2019.











County Triples  –  Saturday 19th January 2019.