County Pairs  –  Saturday 25th November  2017

Twelve teams entered this year’s competition, three more than in the previous year’s competition. Teams were divided into four groups with the top two teams proceeding to a quarter final knockout stage, Successful teams proceeding to this stage were  –  Tont Kilgour/Mark Bourne  –  Maureen Tingle/Jim Tingle  –  Alan Walters/Sandra Felton  –  Malcolm Saunders/Richard Rose  –  Richard Payne/Ian Davis  –  Trish Clifford/Terry Clifford  –  Belinda Gibbs/Jenny/Gibbs  –  Finlow Hunt/Chris Hunt.

Tony Kilgour/Mark Bourne won their 12 end quarter final match 14-7,  Malcolm Saunders/Richard Rose won13-12,  Richard Payne/Ian Davis won 12-7 and   Belinda Gibbs/Jenny Gibbs won their match 11-9.

In the semi finals Tony Kilgour/Mark Bourne beat Malcolm Saunders/Richard Rose  17-8 and Richard Payne/Ian Davis beat Belinda Gibbs/Jenny Gibbs 22-3.

The final was comfortably won by Richard Payne/Ian Davis  17-5 with the last three ends of the match being conceded.

Pairs winners 25 Nov 2017 001

Ian Davis and Richard Payne, winners of the County Pairs competition held on 25th November 2017






Winners  :  Richard Payne & Ian Davis

Runners Up  :  Tony Kilgour & Mark Bourne

County Mixed Fours – Saturday 6th January 2018.

There were only four teams entered into the competition this year although at the end of play all participants had  enjoyed themselves with each team tasting some success. Teams entered were  :

1,  Yvonne Payne / Richard Rose / Sandra Felton / Richard Payne.

2.  Lara Hunt / Anne Hough / Finlow Hunt/ Johnathon Smith.

3.  Jenny Gibbs / Trish Clifford / Alan Walters / Terry Clifford.

4.  Belinda Gibbs / Maureen Tingle / Cayman Dredge / Jim Tingle.

The first phase of the competition consisted of a round robin with each team playing three matches with, at the end of the goup matches, the two top teams proceeding to a knockout final. At the end of the group stage teams 1 and 2 had won two of their matches with teams 3 and 4 winning one each. Teams 1 and 2, therefore, went through to the final.  The group results are shown below and to the right of the table a shot of Johnathon Smith and Finlow Hunt studying a tight head in their final group match with Johnathon to play his second bowl of that end.






In the final, between Richard Payne’s team and Johnathon Smith’s team, played over 12 ends, both teams won six ends in a hard fought contest. Richard Payne’s team, however, took the lead in the fifth end, maintained this lead helped by having taken three shots off three ends during the match. They went on to be worthy winners by 13 shots to 7.

W.M 4s 18 001

Richard Rose, Sandra Felton, Yvonne Payne and Richard Payne winners of the 2018 County Mixed Fours Competition












Winners  :   Richard Rose  /  Sandra Felton  /  Yvonne Payne  /  Richard Payne

Runners Up  :  Lara Hunt  /  Anne Hough  /  Finlow Hunt  /  Johnathon Smith 

  County Over 55s Pairs  –  Tuesday 16th January 2018

This competition was added to the ESMBA series of competitions this year, with the county being allocated one place in the national finals due to take place at Tamworth Indoor Bowling Centre on the 8th April.Six teams competed for this one place. The teams were :

In Group  1.  =  Malcolm Saunders / Richard Rose   –   Pete Forster / Avis Beddow   –   Alan Ferguson / Geoff Bradley

In Group  2.  =  Jenny Gibbs / Sandra Felton   –   Alan Walters / Terry Clifford   –   Richard Danks / Richard Rose

Group matches were played over nine emds with each team playing two matches. The two top teams then went on to play a final knockout match over twelve ends.

over 55s results 001










Malcolm Saunders / Richard Rose and the other two Richards  proceeded to the final, with Malcolm and Richard winning in a low scoring match by 10 shots to 4 after the eleventh end. They become the first holders of the county,s Over 55s Pairs trophy and go forward to the national finals in April.

M and R 1 2018 001

Malcolm Saunders and Richard Rose, winners of the inaugural over 55s pairs competition on the 16th January 2018













Winners  – Malcolm Saunders and Richard Rose

Runners up  –  Richard Danks and Richard Payne


County Under 18s  Tuesday 16th January 2018

Leah Thompson and Finlow Hunt competed for this year’s under 18s title and trophy. They competed in two twelve end matches with the winner being decided on overall shot score.Theses two matches were hard fought with Finlow winning the first match 10-7 and the second match 12-8. Finlow Took the title and now goes forward to the national finals at Tamworth on the 8th April.


finlow 2018 001

County Captain, Richard Payne congratulates Finlow Hunt on winning the Under 18s competition on the 16th January 2018





Winner  :   Finlow Hunt

Runner up  :  Leah Thompson



 County Singles  –  Saturday 20th January 2018

There were 17 entrants in this years Singles competition, and these entrants were allocated into four groups for the round robin series of matches. Groups 1 – 3 consisted of four bowlers playing matches of ten ends with the fourth group of five playing matches of eight ends. The top two bowlers from each group proceeded to a quarter final knockout stage.

singles results 2018 001

 Jim Tingle ( group 1 ) was the only bowler in the competition  with a 100% success . In group 4 Richard Moule, Malcolm Saunders and Mark Bourne each had three wins from the four matches played, with Richard and Malcolm each having a plus shot difference of 20. Richard was declared winner of the group on the ” head to head “basis, Richard having won his match against Malcolm. Although Mark had also won three matches in the group he failed to make it to the quarter finals on shot difference. In the quarter finals there were wins for Richard Rose, Ian Davis, Johnathon Smith and Richard Moule.

In the semi finals Johnathon Smith beat Richard Rose by 18 shots to 10 and Ian Davis beat Richard Moule 8-7.

The final, unsurprisingly, was hard fought with Ian beating Johnathon 13 shots to 10.  –  Both finalists go forward to the national finals in April.

photos singles 2018 001

Winner  :  Ian Davis

Runner Up  : Johnathon Smith 

County Triples  –  Sunday 21st January 2018.

Following on from the very successful singles competition yesterday, the County Triples attracted entries from eight teams.These teams were divided into two groups for the round robin group matches, with each team playing four matches  of eleven ends. The top two teams from each group went forward to semi final knockout matches. Of particular note in group 2 Richard Rose/Malcolm Saunders/Terry Clifford had an excellent start to the day being the only team to win their three group matches, scoring an impressive plus shot difference of 30. Unfortunately this form did not translate into the semi final where Avis Beddow/Pete Forster and Anne Hough played with great consistency to beat Terry’s team. In the other semi final Chris Allen/Keith Mills and Richard Moule overpowered Carole Arnold/Richard Danks and Mark Bourne to also move on to the final.

triples results 2018 2 001

The final between Anne’s team and Richard Moule’s team was hard fought as witnessed by the 8-8 score at the conclusion of the scheduled 11 end match. An extra end was played which Avis, Pete, and Anne won to take the Triples title for 2018. Both finalists go forward to the national finals in April.

triples photo 2018 001

Anne Hough, Pete Forster and Avis Beddow, winners of the the county triples title 2018


Winners  :  Avis Beddow, Pete Forster, Anne Hough

Runners up  :  Chris Allen, Keith Mills, Richard Moule


County Fours  –   Sunday 28th January 20

Six teams entered this year’s competition as follows:

Team  1. Richard Payne. Cayman Dredge, Richard Rose. Yvonne Payne

Team  2. Johnathon Smith, Leah Thompson, Finlow Hunt, Chris Allen

Team  3. Terry Clifford, Alan Walters, Trish Clifford, Jenny Gibbs

Team  4. Mark Bourne, Richard Moule, Keith Mills, Antony Kilgour

Team  5. Jim Tingle, Maureen Tingle, Rachel Skye Wesson, Belinda Gibbs

Team  6. Anne Hough, Sandra Felton, Pete Forster, Avis Beddow

Group matches were arranged to enable each team to play 3 games, each of them over 8 ends.

Fours 2018 group sum 001

In the semi finals there were comfortable wins for teams 6 and 1. The final between Anne Hough/Sandra Felton/Pete Forster/Avis Beddow  and  Richard Payne/Cayman Dredge/Richard Rose/Yvonne Payne, was played over 9 ends. Anne Hough’s team needed 8 shots off the last end to draw but could only manage one. Richard’s team were comfortable winners.

County fours winners 2018

Richard Rose, Richard Payne, Yvonne Payne and Cayman Dredge, winners of the Fours Title for 2018

Winners  –  Richard Payne,Cayman Dredge, Richard Rose, Yvonne Payne

Runners up  –  Anne Hough, Sandra Felton, Pete Forster, Avis beddow  


President’s Cup  –  Sunday 4th March 2018

Probably because of the inclement weather there were only twelve participants in this year’s competition. A random draw took place to determine the Pairs teams allocated between two groups, with the top two teams from each group proceeding to a semi finals knockout stage. Each of the six teams in the group stage won one match and lost one, with the semi finalists being determined by shot difference. Overall shot differences were tight varying between +4 and -4.

Results of the group matches are shown below :

president's cup 2018 group results 1 001

The semi final between Sandra Felton/Trish Clifford and Chris Allen/Terry Clifford resulted in a convincing win for Chris and terry by 16 shots to 6. The other semi final between Richard Rose/Tony Crowley and Jenny Gibbs/Rachel Skye Wesson was somewhat closer with Jenny and Rachel winning 13 shots to 10.

In the final Chris Allen/Terry Clifford led from the start and went on to beat Jenny Gibbs and Rachel Skye Wesson by 9 shots to 7.

Winners president's cup 2018

Terry Clifford and Chris Allen, winners of the president’s Cup 2018

Winners  :  Terry Clifford and Chris Allen

Runners Up  :  Jenny Gibbs and Rachel Skye Wesson.