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E.S.M.B.A. – Summer Club Championship

Each year  the English Short Mat Bowling Association organises a Summer Club Championship which this year was held at Daventry Indoor Bowls Centre on the 17th July. Sixteen clubs entered including one from Worcestershire  –  Churchill and Blakedown Short Mat Bowls Club. In addition to competing for the championship, the top eight clubs qualify for the ESMBA / TLH  English top club finals which will be held in Torquay early next May.

The sixteen clubs were divided into groups of four. Churchill and Blakedown were included in a group with   –  Bellingdon ( Buckinghamshire ), Bob Carter Centre ( Norfolk ), and Hazelbury Bryan ( Dorset ).

The Churchill and Blakedown team consisted of  –  Alan Walters, Dave Grove, Ian Davis, Malcolm Saunders, Richard Rose, Sandra Felton, Terry Clifford, and Trish Clifford.

A total of twelve matches were played  –  3 x Singles, Fours, Pairs, and Triples

The Churchill and Blakedown team members performed consistently well against strong opposition and had a very successful competition and were placed second in their group. This means that Churchill and Blakedown go forward to the National Club Finals in Torquay next year .

The club’s individual results are set out below :

V  –  Bellingdon.

Singles   –   won   15-7            Fours   lost   6-9            Pairs   –   lost   8-9            Triples   –   won   8-5

V  –  Bob Carter Centre

Singles   –   lost   5-8               Fours   lost   5-10            Pairs   –   won   10-1          Triples   –   lost    5-6

V  –   Hazelbury Bryan

Singles   –   won 15-7               Fours   drew  7-7           Pairs   –   won    11-4          Triples   –   won  9-2

Overall Churchill and Blakedown  scored 104 shots with their opponents scoring 75 shots