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County v Gloucestershire – 11th march 2018

This second leg of the Two Shires Trophy competition was played away at Gloucestershire’s home venue of Churchdown. The first leg , played in January, resulted in a convincing win for Worcestershire by 29 points to 11. The county went into this second leg match requiring 12 points to secure their first win for the two Shires Trophy, which was first contested in 2015.

The county struggled in some of their early matches, but did particularly well in the Fours. Both Fours teams  ( Jenny Gibbs/Anne Hough/Avis Beddow/Terry Clifford  and  Belinda Gibbs/Chris Allen/Alan Walters/Cayman Dredge ) won both their matches. With a win in the Pairs by Sandra Felton and Richard Payne the county had five wins ( 10 Points ) and with 2 bonus points added the county achieved the 12 point target they needed to win the competition by the narrowest of margins.