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Safe Bowls Status

The ESMBA has been very dedicated in their attitude towards safe bowling during the whole of the covid 19 pandemic. Counties have to undertake “risk assessment ” and convince the ESMBA  that it is safe to continue bowling at their venue. Richard Rose has spent considerable time and effort on the county’s behalf to convince the ESMBA that Bromsgrove is a safe venue. Many thanks are due to him for his work to achieve this

The ESMBA has now granted  ” Safe Bowls Status ” for short mat bowling at Bromsgrove. The formal letter and certificate from The ESMBA are shown below :


County v West Midlands – Sunday 10th October 2021


The following report was prepared before the ESMBA produced their results and group table. They are treating the home/away situation on the same day as separate matches. It makes no difference to the overall situation, except that Worcestershire have now “drawn” one match and lost one rather than just losing one.

This was the county’s first competitive match in the ESMBA’s inter county competition for 2021-22  –  half the squad playing at home with the other half playing at Solihull. The county lost this match by 15 points to 33 with the county scoring 144 shots compared with 217 scored by West Midlands

The county’s home squad shared the honours with West Midlands with both teams having 12 points at the end of the day’s play. There was one win in each of the disciplines  –  Singles/Triples/Pairs and Fours , with the county picking up bonus points in the Triples and Fours, The away squad did not fare as well as the home teams. There was only one win in the Triples and a draw in the Fours. No bonus points were obtained.

A summary of the days play is set out below :




County v West Midlands – Sunday 10th October 2021 –Squad

This will be Worcestershire’s first ESMBA group match in the inter county series of 2021-22, which will also feature matches against Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

For 2021-22 the ESMBA has decided that matches will be played home and away on the same day with squads featuring eight bowlers at each venue plus two substitutes.

For Sunday’s match the county squads / teams are  as follows, with team order of play to be decided.

Home venue  –  Bromsgrove.

Session  1.  Singles  –  Jim Tingle   and   Sean Thompson

Session  2.  Triples   –   Maureen Tingle / Richard Rose / Anne Hough   –   and   –    Pete Forster / Malcolm Saunders / Avis Beddow.

Session  3.  Pairs      –  Pete Forster and Malcolm Saunders   –   and   –   Maureen Tingle and Richard Rose

Session  4.  Fours   –   Jim Tingle / Maureen Tingle / Richard Rose / Anne Hough   –   and   –   Sean Thompson / Pete Forster / Malcolm Saunders / Avis Beddow

Substitutes  –   Tony Crowley and June Green.

Away  venue  –  Solihull Indoor Bowling Centre, Brick Kiln Lane, Solihull, B91 3LE

Session  1.  Singles    –   Johnathon Smith  and  Richard Payne

Session  2.  Triples  –  Jenny Gibbs / Terry Clifford / Trish Clifford   –   and   –   Belinda Gibbs / Rob Franklin / Yvonne Payne

Session  3.  Pairs     –  Jenny Gibbs  and  Terry Clifford   –   and   –    Belinda Gibbs  and Rob Franklin

Session  4.  Fours   –   Richard Payne / Belinda Gibbs / Rob Franklin / Yvonne Payne   –   and   –   Johnathon Smith / Jenny Gibbs / Terry Clifford / Trish Clifford

No Substitutes.

County v Northamptonshire – Sunday 3rd October 2021

Worcestershire played host to Northamptonshire at Bromsgrove in a friendly match marking the opening of the 2021/22 county short mat bowling season. This was the first competitive match for both counties since the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic  early in 2020. It had previously been agreed that the match would consist of triples only, with 6 sessions during the day, thus enabling maximum participation of both counties’ squads, having due regard to covid 19 guidance notes.  -There were 10 points to play for in each session.

The first two sessions were evenly balanced with both counties winning two of the four matches played in each session. The third session saw Worcestershire winning three of the four matches , a position which was reversed in session four. At this stage the score was level at 20 points for both counties. Worcestershire faded during the final two sessions eventually losing by 23 points to 37.

The county now looks forward to the opening ESMBA inter county competition when the county play West Midlands on Sunday 10th October.