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Inter County Competition ( ICC ) – Arrangements for 2022 / 2023

The ESMBA has recently announced the arrangements for 2022 / 2023 and has published their official diary. Our web site now includes this information.

For this new season the competition will revert to the pre covid arrangements with county squads of 20 bowlers playing the traditional home and away matches. There will be two singles, two pairs, two triples, and two fours – there will be no pre match roll ups and matches will commence at 1030.

One major change for the forthcoming season will be the establishment of three divisions  –  “Premier  1, ( 8 counties ) ,  Premier  2, ( 16 counties )  and A teams  ( 10 counties ).  There will be one relegation / promotion between the two premier divisions

Worcestershire will be in the Premier 2 division and will be facing three other counties in our group  –  Cheshire, Gloucestershire, and Herefordshire.

ESMBA – Survey

The ESMBA has written to all English counties inviting registered bowlers to have their say in how inter county competitions should be staged in the future. A copy of their communication is set out below. This is a great chance to have your say,  –  Let us take advantage of the opportunity.

County v England Under 21’s

The ESMBA have invited Worcestershire to host a match against an England Under 21’s Squad on Sunday 27th February 2022  –  this will take place at Bromsgrove from 1000am to 4.00pm. It will be the season’s last match for the Under 21’s  before they go on to play Wales.

Worcestershire have previously hosted a match against England Under 21’s on the 29th November 2015. That match was won by the Under 21’s by 35 points to 28  –  with the Under 21’s scoring 278 shots and Worcestershire scoring 262 shots.

A report on this match can be found in the ” December 2015 Archive list”  –  scroll down to page 2.


Diary changes

The away fixture against Northamptonshire scheduled for 21st November has been cancelled and will, hopefully, be rescheduled next year.

County Pairs will now take place at Bromsgrove on 14th November following the County Singles competition.