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Exhibition Match – 3rd March 2015

The County played in a short mat bowling exhibition match at the venue of the Our Lady of Lourdes Bowling Club in Kingswinford.  The short mats used were somewhat different from the ESMBA short mats, being longer, wider, and missing the central wooden block. Two mats were used for this match with 10 bowlers from each squad taking part. The match consisted of two singles/pairs/triples/fours, resulting in eight separate independent matches.

The county  squad was in fine form winning 6 of the 8 matches. The county scored 89 shots with the Our lady of Lourdes scoring 35. One particular end of note during the evening ( although perhaps there were quite a number ), occurred in one of the two the pairs matches ( Richard Rose and Keith Mills ), when Keith produced a very consistent delivery. Keith’s green bowls are shown in the photograph below neatly clustered around the jack.

3 March 2015 kingswinford 001

A cup to commemorate the match was given by Dave Powell to the winning captain of the Worcester county Squad – Richard Payne.

ESMBA – Inter County Knockout – 21st February 2015

The County was drawn against Surrey in the quarter final of the 2015 inter county knockout competition held at Melksham, Wiltshire on the 21st February. The county lost, scoring 10 points against 30 for Surrey. The county’s shot total was 132 against 212 for Surrey. This means that the county is out of the 2015 consolation cup.

The first session  –  We were optimistic about a good result, but were soon struggling. Ian Davis had a slow start, was 4-10 down but fought  back to 14-14 and only lost on the last end. Richard Payne in his singles match had an off day. Both the pairs of Dave Grove and Keith Mills , and Trish Clifford and Richard Rose were struggling at the start, but came back well to achieve a draw and a loss by only one shot. The triples were a contrast. Terry Clifford’s team started well, stalled as the competition improved and unfortunately could not get back. Dave Powell’s team had a slow start but went on to win. The two fours teams unfortunately lost by uncomfortable margins.

Afternoon session.  –  Both the singles lost their matches but the two pairs teams won comfortably.. The triples again were a contrast. Terry Clifford’s team were overwhelmed and lost by 5 shots to 13. Dave Powell’s team powered to a five shot lead but were caught on the last end for a draw. Both the fours teams lost

The individual team results are shown below :

Table 21 feb 2015


English Masters – 31st Janauary / 1st February

The Short Mat Players Tour for the 2014/2015 season continued with the staging of the “English Masters” tournament at the Bromsgrove Indoor Bowls Centre. This was an international singles tournament,open to all short mat bowlers, with a total of  144  competing from across Europe.Three Worcester County players took part and thoroughly enjoyed a weekend of quality bowling against the best in Europe. Further tournaments staged by the Short Mat Players Tour are programmed for later this year at Bromsgrove Indoor Bowls Centre. As this centre is the home venue for Worcestershire Short Mat Bowls Association, there is a unique opportunity for short mat bowlers within Worcestershire to participate. County players and non county players are urged to consider participating in these tournaments. The tournments are extemely well organised with the next one taking place on 22nd/23rd August. This will be a singles tournament with pairs and fours tournaments following in December. Entries for the August tournament open on 1st March 2015.

Looking back on the English Masters event, Stephen Williams ( Wales ) won, with the runner up being Paul Bax ( England )

County ( H ) versus Herefordshire 30th November

The county narrowly lost to Herefordshire by 19 points to 21 . The county, however, scored more shots  ( 188 )  against the visitors 180.

During the first session Ian Davis was playing in excellent form with a big win of 17 shots to 9. The other singles match and the two pairs matches lost. Both the pairs teams of Tim and Keith Mills and Trish Clifford and Richard Rose were leading up to  the ninth end but then faded. The two triples teams won their matches and Jim Tingle’s Fours team had an easy win. Unfortunately Richard Hulbert’s fours team eventually lost by 8 shots to 11.

The County started the afternoon session with confidence. Ian Davis continued with his excellent form and won his singles match convincingly by 20 shots to 7. Richard Payne unfortunately lost his singles match by 10 shots to 19. Tim and Keith Mills narrowly lost their pairs match by 10 shots to 12, but the other triples team of Trish Clifford and Richard Rose  won their match by a similar  margin. Dave Powell’s Triples team powered to a win with Terry Clifford,s Triples team being caught on the last end for a 10-10 draw. Both the fours teams lost their matches.

The results of the County’s teams are set out below :

worcs table 30 Nov


World Fours and World Pairs – 22nd and 23rd November

The Short Mat Players Tour staged two major open international tournaments on the 22nd and 23rd November at Bromsgrove Indoor Bowls Centre

W Fours main

In the Fours tournament 96 players ( 24 teams ) from the UK. Ireland, Sweden and Belgium competed throughout the day. There were two teams from Worcestershire   –   Sean Thompson / Alan Walters / Richard Payne /  Tony Kilgour /   and  Terry Clifford  / Malcolm Saunders /  Trish Clifford / Richard Rose.

W Fours richard     W Fours malcolm






The format for the days play consisted of 6 groups of four players playing in a round robin series of matches with the top two teams progressing to the main knockout series with the third and fourth teams progressing to a “Plate” competition. Both the Worcestershire teams competed in the Plate competition with Terry Clifford’s team being knocked out in the first round and Richard Payne’s team being knocked out in the quarter final. The overall winners were the Irish fours team of Andrew Morrison, Jal Richardson, William Morrison and Lisa Douglas.

Three Worcestershire teams competed in the Pairs tournament  –

W Pairs richard

Ian Davis / Richard Payne

W Pairs sean

Sean Thompson / Tony Kilgour

W Pairs malcolm

Malcolm Saunders / Richard Rose


There were 52 pairs competing from the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Belgium, playing in groups of four. Similar to the Fours tournament the top two in each group progressed to the main knockout series with the third and fourth teams in the groups competing for the ” Plate “. Malcolm Saunders and Richard Rose progressed to the main knockout phase only to be defeated in the first round by a very strong team from Gloucestershire. Richard Payne and Ian Davis and also Sean Thompson and Tony Kilgour . competed in the plate series but went out in the first round to strong competition.