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County v Herefordshire Sunday 10th February 2019

This fixture saw the county playing against Herefordshire at Daventry in the ESMBA end of seasson inter county knockout series. The county lost by 16 points to 24, Session  1. saw four losses but there were only a further four losses from the remianing 12 matches played representing a considerable fight back by the county, although they could not compensate for the disappointing results in session  1.  The county scored 174 shots with Herefordshire scoring 214.

Session  1.  Both singles and pairs teams lost their matches.

Session 2.  A much better performance from the triples and fours teams. Richard Payne’s triples team won eight of their thirteen end match and led throughout, eventually winning 18-9. Caynan Dredge’s triples team went into the lead in the fouth end and with three ends each yielding four shots they were comfortable winners 19-10. Richard Danks’ fours team fought hard in this evenly contested match and drew  8-8. Terry Clifford’s team were narrowly beaten 9-12

Session  3.  An imprroved performance in the afternoon’s session. Jonathon Smith got off to a flyer with four shots off the first end of his singles match. He continued in fine form and led throughout the match winning by 15 shots to 8. Unfortunately Jim Tingle lost his singles match. Malcolm Saunders and Richard Rose performed confidently and consistently in their afternoon triples match, leading throughout, winning 10 of the 15 ends, and running out winning 12-8. The second pairs team lost their match.

Session  4.  Another strong performance by Richard Payne’s triples team who were level with their opponents after 6 ends, but then powered ahead to win by 14 shots to 9. Cayman Dredge’s triples team also put in another strong performance, went into the lead after the 3rd end and ran out winning by 18 shots to 6 which included five shots off the 7th end. Richard Danks’ fours team had another evenly matched competition, again hard fought, and again ending in a draw  –  this time  9-9.

V here 2 feb 19 001

County v Shropshire Sunday 25th November 2018

This home fixture saw Worcestershire beating Shropshire by 24 points to 16, with the home county scoring 210 shots and Shropshire scoring 186. This season has seen the county improving it’s overall performance compared with many recent years with a return to winning form within the ESMBA inter county competition and also in the friendlies against Northamptonshire..

Session  1.  Jim Tingle in his singles match was 0-8 down after four ends, but then went on to “win” the next eleven ends 12-6, but eventually lost 12-14. In a closely contested match Johnathon Smith led from the second end and despite a strong finish by his opponent Johnathon won 17-15. Both pairs teams lost their matches.

Session  2.  Richard Payne’s triples team performed consistently throughout their match which included that ” magic hot shot ” score of six shots in end number 10. They won their match 17-10. There was another strong performance from Cayman Dredge’s team who won their triples match 13-8. In the fours Richard Danks’ team won 10-7 in a relatively low scoring match. Terry Clifford’s team won ten and the eleven ends played and romped home to a very convincing 14-1 win.

Session  3.  In a reversal of session 1 Jim Tingle won his singles match and Johnathon Smith narrowly lost 14-16. Jim led throughout his match and ended up with  a convincing 17-10 win. Both pairs teams lost.

Session  4,  Richard Payne’s triples team competed in a very hard fought match and went into the last end 12-13 down. In a very powerful finish the team won the last end by 4 shots to have an overall win of 16-13. Cayman Dredge’s team were too strong for their opponents and had an easy win by 16 shots to 6. In a high scoring match Richard Danks’ fours team won two of the ends played by 5 shots, and another two ends by 3 shots –  ( their opponents also included a five shot win for one of the ends played ). Richard’s team with a strong performance throughout went on to win the match 19-12. Terry Clifford’s team narrowly lost 9-12.

A summary of the results is shown below  :

results sum 25th nv 18 001


County v Shropshire Sunday 21st October 2018

This away fixture saw Worcestershire claiming their best result for many years. In an excellent all round performance the county beat Shropshire by 33 points to 7. They won 12 of the individual matches, drew one , and won all of the eight bonus points available. The county scored 207 shots compared with 164 by Shropshire.

Session  1.  Jim Tingle in his singles match waited until the 8th end to take the lead, and went on to win six of the last eight ends of his match to comfortably win 19-10. Johnathon Smith in a very even and hard fought match went into the last end level with his opponent, but won this last end by one shot to achieve an 11-10 victory. In a similar hard fought match Pete Forster and Richard Rose were level 10-10 after the 13th end, won the next end by two shots, and only went one shot down in end 15. They, therefore, won their match 12-11. Dave Grove and Alan Walters performed consistently in their pairs match and despite a a late rally by their opponents ran out winners 12-8.

Session  2.  This session saw the county achieve 100% success. Keith Mills triples team were trailing 2-3 after the fourth end but then went on to win the remaining nine ends to win in devastating form 18-3. Cayman Dredge’s triples team had an even contest with their opponents going into the last end level 13-13. They held their nerve to take the last end and win the match 14-13. Richard Danks’ fours team shot into a 12-1 lead after the 7th end and then had a bit of a fright when their opponents scored eight shots in the last four ends. This late rally, however, could not prevent Richard’s team winning 13-9. Terry Clifford’s fours team performed consistently throughout with a rush of blood in end 10, when they  won that end by 5 shots.. They won eight of the eleven ends played to run out winning 13-5.

Session 3.  Johnathon Smith in his afternoon singles match had another even and hard fought contest. He was in the lead for most of the match and eventually won it 13-11.. Jim Tingle lost his singles match 112-17. In the pairs there was a win for Dave grove and Alan Walters who took the lead in the fifth end and went on to win comfortably 18-7. Pete Forster and Richard Rose lost their pairs match.


Session  4.  Two wins, a draw, and one lost match in this session. A last end spurt by the opposition, winning it by 3 shots, prevented Cayman Dredge’s triples team from winning their second match of the day.  –  they had to settle for a 13-13 draw. Keith Mills triples team narrowly lost 11-13. Richard Danks’ fours team in a low scoring match, were level 5-5 after the 9th end. They went on to win the last two ends to achieve an 8-5 victory. Terry Clifford’s fours team took a commanding lead early in their afternoon match racing to an 11-2 lead in the fourth end – including taking 7 shots off the second end. Although Shropshire came back strongly they could not overtake Terry’s team who were 12-11 winners.

Results summary below  :







Results sum 21 oct 18 001



















County v West Midlands Sunday 14th October 2018

This away fixture for the county saw West Midlands winning by 25 points to 15. They scored 225 shots compared with 177 by Worcestershire –  the same county shot total scored against West Midlands the previous week.

The two triples teams won both their matches gaining the maximum eight points plus a two point bonus  –  a total of ten points out of the fifteen scored by the county. The other successes were Pete Forster/Richard Rose’s morning pairs win by 18 shots to 7 and Jim Tingle’s comfortable win in his singles match in the afternoon match, Dave Grove/Leah Arthurs-Thompson drew their morning pairs match 10-10.

results sum 14 oct 18 001

County v West Midlands Sunday 7th October 2018

This home fixture against West Midlands was the first match in the ESMBA iner county competition for 2018-2019. West Midlands won by 23 points to 17 with shots scored  –  Worcestershire 177 and West Midlands 188. This was a very close hard fought contest with Worcs. scoring 48.5% of the total shots with West Midlands scoring 51.5%.

Session  1.   There were two wins and two losses in this session with Jim Tingle winning his singles match comfortably 13-8. Dave Grove and Leah Arthurs-Thompson won their pairs match 17-10 helped by scoring the full complement of four shots off ends four and eight.

Session  2.   One win and one draw in this session. In the triples Cayman Dredge’s team were 8-4 up after end 9   –  8-5 up after end 10   –  8-6 up after end 11  and  8-7 up after end 12. The score seemed to be going in the wrong direction so the team decided that things should change in the final end which they won with a “Hot Shot” score of six to win the match 14-7. In the fours,  Alan Walters’ team were behind for ten of the eleven ends, going into the last end 7-9 down. they kept their nerve, took two shots off this last end to earn a well deserved draw.

Session  3.   Johnathon Smith in his singles match had a very strong finish winning the last five ends ( with a total of 8 shots ), to win the match 17-8. In the pairs Dave Grove and Leah Arthurs-Thompson, in a hard and closely fought match, went into the last end level on 9 shots, They won this last end by one shot to earn a well deserved 10-9 victory.

Sessin  4.   Both triples teams lost their matches but what a finale to the day’s competition by both fours teams. Alan Walters team lost the first two ends but won the remaining nine ends. This was a high scoring match for the county with end number 4 producing a 6 shot win, supported by consistent scoring throughout. The final result 20-4 was a fantastic win. Terry Clifford’s team went even further with a shot difference of +19 for the match. They won the first nine ends comfortably including    –   3 shots off end 1  –  5 shots off end 7  –  3 shots off end 8   and 3 shots off end 9. The opposition managed 2 shots off the last two ends with Terry’s team winning 21-2.

A summary of all of the results is shown below :

Results sum 7 Oct 18 001