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County v Northamptonshire 29th July 2018

This first match o f the 2018-2019 season was a friendly played away at Daventry .The County won by 28 points to 12, winning 10matches  and drawing 2 of the 16 individual matches played. The County scored 228 shots against Northants 156 shots  –  a great start to the season.

Session  1.   The County singles players got off to a comfortable start with Jim Tingle drawing his first game 11-11 in  an evenly contested game. Richard Payne took the lead in his first match of the day in the fifth end, and maintained that lead throughout the remainder of the  game finishing winner by 18 shots to 7. Sandra Felton and Richard Rose drew their opening pairs  match 10-10 in what turned out to be an evenly matched competition. Belinda Gibbs and Dave Grove lost their match 8-14.

Session  2.   After a strong start Keith Mills triples team faced  a fierce fight back by Northants winning only one shot after the sixth end to narrowly lose 12-13. In another closely fought game Maureen Tingle’s triples team went into the last end one shot behind Northants. With four shots off the last end Maureen’s team were worthy winners by 12 shots to 9. In the fours matches, Alan Walters team won very comfortably 20 shots to 3, winning nine ends of the eleven played. Terry Clifford’s team narrowly lost 10-14.

Session3.   In his singles match, Jim Tingle was one shot down after the 13th end, but with five shots off the last two ends he won his match 17-13, Richard Payne in his singles match, powered his way to a 21-9 win.   –  a very strong start to the third session. Sandra Felton and Richard Rose in their pairs match dominated throughout and led for 14 of the 15 ends played. They eventually won very comfortably 18-8. Belinda Gibbs and Dave Grove took the lead in the seventh end and maintained that lead to win 19 shots to 11.

Session 4.   Keith Mills’ triples team were behind for most of their match being 8 shots t0 11 down with only two ends to play. With five shots off those last two ends the team surged past Northants to win by 13 shots to 11. Maureen Tingle’s triples team lost their second match of the day 6-14. In the Fours, there were two county wins. Alan Walters’ team were 7-8 down going into the last end, but with four shots off this last end they came out worthy winners 11-8. Terry Clifford’s team had a fantastic end to the day restricting their opponents to just one shot from the 11 ends played. Terry’s team went on to win by a very handsome 22 shots to  11.

Results Summary.

SINGLES        Jim Tingle   –       AM   11-11          PM    17-13.

Richard Payne    AM   18-7           PM    21-9.

PAIRS             Sandra Felton/Richard Rose   –        AM   10-10         PM    18-8.

Belinda Gibbs/Dave Grove      –       AM   8-14           PM    19-11.

TRIPLES         Rachel Skye Wesson/Carol Arnold/Keith Mills  –     AM   12-13          PM    13-11.

Trish Clifford/Tony Crowley/Maureen Gibbs  –        AM   12-9            PM     6-14.

FOURS            Robin Holmes/Chris Allen/Gary Markham/Alan Walters      AM    20-3           PM     11-8.

Jenny Gibbs/Rob Franklin/Anne Hough/Terry Clifford         AM    10-14          PM     22-1.




County v Gloucestershire – 11th march 2018

This second leg of the Two Shires Trophy competition was played away at Gloucestershire’s home venue of Churchdown. The first leg , played in January, resulted in a convincing win for Worcestershire by 29 points to 11. The county went into this second leg match requiring 12 points to secure their first win for the two Shires Trophy, which was first contested in 2015.

The county struggled in some of their early matches, but did particularly well in the Fours. Both Fours teams  ( Jenny Gibbs/Anne Hough/Avis Beddow/Terry Clifford  and  Belinda Gibbs/Chris Allen/Alan Walters/Cayman Dredge ) won both their matches. With a win in the Pairs by Sandra Felton and Richard Payne the county had five wins ( 10 Points ) and with 2 bonus points added the county achieved the 12 point target they needed to win the competition by the narrowest of margins.

County v Suffolk – Saturday 3rd February 2018

The county was involved in the end of season inetr county knockout series of matches on the 3rd February , with the county being drawn against Suffolk for the first match which was played at Daventry. Suffolk fielded a very strong squad and won 13 of the 16 individual games played. Worcestershire scored 153 shots with Suffolk scoring 233. This defeat means that the county will not, therefore, proceed to the next round of the competition.

The successes for the county were Johnathon Smith in his morning singles game winning it 16-9. Richard Payne’s triples team won their morning game 14-9 with Terry Clifford’s fours team winning the county’s sole success in the afternoon by 12 shots to 7.

County v Gloucestershire 14th January 2018

This home fixture was the first leg of the “Two Shires” competition held annually with Gloucestershire. This competition was first held in 2015 with Gloucestershire winning the first four matches and ,therefore, holding the trophy which was donated by the Worcestershire County captain.

With four wins behind them Gloucestershire might have been confident of increasing this total. Worcestershire, however, performed magnificently winning this match by 29 shots to 11 . The county won 11 of the 16 matches played, and in two of those lost, the shot difference was only one. The county scored 222 shots compared with 152 by Gloucestershire.

It is likely that the second leg of the competition will be played at Churchdown in March.

Session  1.

This was the least successful session for the county with only one win out of the four matches played. Johnathon Smith, having taken the lead in the 8th end, maintained that lead and went on to win 15-12. Jim Tingle had a narrow defeat 9-13. Both pairs teams lost with Richard Rose /Leah Thompson only losing by one shot.

Session  2.

This session consisted of 4 “fours” teams. The county won three of the four matches played in the session. Richard Payne’s team led throughout their match, losing only three ends, eventually winning 15-5. Keith Mills team led from the third end winning the match 13-6 and Alan Walters’ team won 11-8. Terry Clifford’s team lost by only one shot in the last end of their match.

At the half way stage the two counties were level on points

Session  3.

Another good session for the county winning three of the matches played. Johnathon Smith went on to win his second match of the day, leading from the 6th end, scoring 7 shots off the last two ends, finally winning by 21  shots to 7  –  an impressive shot difference of 14. Both pairs teams won. Pete Forster/Richard Payne won 12-9 and Richard Rose/Leah Thompson took the lead in the 4th end and powered their way to a 20 shots to 8 win, another impressive shot difference win – this time 12 shots.

Session  4.

All the fours teams won with some very impressive performances. Terry Clifford’s team took the lead in the second end and went on to be comfortable winners 15 shots to 7. Keith Mills team had another  13-6 win, having led throughout the match. Richard Payne’s team led after the 5th end to win 17-4, another impressive shot difference win. Alan Walters’ team led throughout their match, winning nine of the eleven ends played, going on to win by 17 shots to 3 – yet again another impressive shot difference win (14), equalling Johnathon’s in session three.


All the county squad should feel pleased with a successful and inclusive  performance which made the squad worthy winners of this first leg of the “Two Shires ” competition. The county’s thanks also go to Gloucestershire for agreeing to play this match at short notice, and also for the friendly  and good natured atmosphere that prevailed throughout the day.

A summary of all the scores and results is shown below :

Gloucs 14 jan 18 001

County v West Midlands 17th December 2017

This away match saw the county heavily defeated by West Midlands with the county scoring 8 points and West Midlands 32  –  the county scored 149 shots with West Midlands scoring 231  –  this was after a first session win for the county by 6 points to 2.

The match was marred by unacceptable behaviour by the West Midlands players who were involved in loud shouting, sledging and making inappropriate comments. There is little doubt that this affected Worcestershire county players and probably impacted upon overall performance. It was not only Worcestershire’s players who were affected. West Midlands Premier team were playing Northamptonshire at the same venue and the Northamptonshire players were also subjected to unacceptable behaviour. Because of this the Worcestershire and Northamptonshire County Captains will be lodging a formal complaint to the English Short Mat Bowling Association.

Readers of the following report on the county’s performance/results etc.during this match should have due regard to the conditions the county players were subjected to.

The first session was dominated by Worcestershire winning three of the four matches played. Jim Tingle in his singles match led throughout, achieving a narrow 14-11 victory. Johnathon Smith was trailing for much of his singles match, including going into the last end, but achieved a magnificent 3 shots off this last end to win his match 14-13. In the pairs, Pete Forster and Cayman Dredge took 7 shots off the last four ends to win 17-14. At the end of the first session the county were leading 6 points to 2.

The rest of the day’s bowling was disappointing with only one win in the remaining three sessions ( 12 matches ). In the final session of the day Terry Clifford’s fours team were losing 0-7 after four ends but then went on to win six of the remaining seven ends to achieve a well earned victory by 9 shots to 8.

A summary of all the results is shown below  :

Results 17 Dec.2017 001