County ( H ) versus Gloucestershire – 4th October

This was the County’s first home match of the season, and against a strong Gloucestershire squad, the County put in a much improved performance compared with their opening fixture against Wiltshire. During the morning session Ian Davis won a hard fought singles match by 14 shots to 11 holding off a strong finish from his Gloucester opponent. Richard Rose’s singles match was one of two halves. The first half went badly for Richard but he came back strongly in the second half but could not quite make up the deficit losing  by 7 shots to 18. In the pairs match Keith Mills and Malcolm Saunders were leading for most of the match  but faded during the final few ends losing by 9 shots to 15. Richard Payne and Trish Clifford struggled early in their pairs match but finished strongly, but finally losing by 12 shots to 17.In the triples and fours their were  three wins from the four matches played which reflected well on the morning’s play. Terry Clifford’s triple team were two shots up at the beginning of the last end , but with one bowl remaining Gloucester were holding a two shot lead looking for a draw. Terry played a superb last shot to reduce Gloucestershire’ 11th end  lead to one shot thus winning his match in fine style. Dave Powell ( pairs ) and Scott lambert ( fours ) had comfortable wins in their respective matches

There were some hard fought matches in the afternoon but the County could not repeat its successes of the morning. There were two wins for the county from a total of eight matches, with Scott Lambert pulling off a great shot with the final bowl of his fours match to win 9 shots to 8. Richard Hulbert’s fours team had a very convincing win in his match.

Overall the County scored 162 shots against Gloucestershire’s 201 – a considerable improvement on the County’s match with Wiltshire, with the points score 14 for Worcestershire and 26 for Gloucestershire.

The results of each of the County teams are shown below.

worcs table 4 oct

County ( A ) versus Wiltshire

This was the County’s first match of the 2014/15 season. The Wiltshire venue,a village hall in Seend,Melksham, had an interesting floor. The mats were fast on a hard floor and the County squad took some time to adjust to the unfamiliar pace of the mats .

The first session consisting of Singles and Pairs started badly for the County and during the first few ends the teams were getting the feel of the mats both from the pace of them and the line. This gave Wiltshire a big advantage that Worcestershire could not turn around although the pairs team of Tim and Keith Mills came close. Most of the Worcestershire scores came at the end of their respective games as the teams were getting the feel of the mats.

The County started the afternoon session with a little more confidence. All matches were hard fought but Wiltshire got the better of the County in the end. The Pairs team Tim and Keith were leading until the last couple of ends and in the Singles match Richard Rose led for a while, lost the lead, but pulled back for a draw with the last bowl of his match.

The Triples and Fours teams fared better in the afternoon session, with all leading at one stage with three of the four teams only losing touch at the finish. The County’s best result of the day was the Triple skipped by Dave Powell. A real see-saw match, won by Dave with a fabulous last bowl running shot that changed a one shot deficit to a one shot win .

This was a very disappointing start for the County  with  atotal of 3 points  against  37 points for Wiltshire. The improvement in the County’s performance in the afternoon was marked and the County look forward to getting “revenge” when Wiltshire visit Bromsgrove later this year.

The results of each of the county teams is shown below :

table 289

Pre-season Practise

On Friday 19th September the county will be holding a pre-season practise at the Bromsgrove Indoor Bowling Centre from 6 – 10 pm. The squad is urged to attend this session and get some pre-season practise within the teams that they are likely to play in when the season gets under way.

2014/2015 Season

The County starts its 2014/2015 season with a squad of 30 players and will be fielding a team to compete in the ESMBA premier inter county competition in Group 1. The other counties in the group are Gloucestershire,Herefordshire and Wiltshire.

It is the aim of the County to increase the number of registered players to 45 – 50, which would enable the County to field an “A” team in addition to the existing premier team. Both Gloucestershire and Herefordshire within Group 1 field an “A” team. To meet the proposed increase in registered players, the County Association is encouraging clubs and short mat players within the whole of Worcestershire to consider registering with the County.

There is a real opportunity for new members to participate in inter county competitions in addition to those competitions promoted by the County Association itself. Anyone interested in becoming a registered player with the County is urged to contact the County Captain or any of the County officials.