County ( H ) versus Herefordshire 30th November

The county narrowly lost to Herefordshire by 19 points to 21 . The county, however, scored more shots  ( 188 )  against the visitors 180.

During the first session Ian Davis was playing in excellent form with a big win of 17 shots to 9. The other singles match and the two pairs matches lost. Both the pairs teams of Tim and Keith Mills and Trish Clifford and Richard Rose were leading up to  the ninth end but then faded. The two triples teams won their matches and Jim Tingle’s Fours team had an easy win. Unfortunately Richard Hulbert’s fours team eventually lost by 8 shots to 11.

The County started the afternoon session with confidence. Ian Davis continued with his excellent form and won his singles match convincingly by 20 shots to 7. Richard Payne unfortunately lost his singles match by 10 shots to 19. Tim and Keith Mills narrowly lost their pairs match by 10 shots to 12, but the other triples team of Trish Clifford and Richard Rose  won their match by a similar  margin. Dave Powell’s Triples team powered to a win with Terry Clifford,s Triples team being caught on the last end for a 10-10 draw. Both the fours teams lost their matches.

The results of the County’s teams are set out below :

worcs table 30 Nov