County (H) versus West Midlands – 7th November 2015

The County was narrowly defeated – 17 points to 23 –  in a hard fought contest. This was a disappointing result after a generally  strong performance by the squad. The county scored a total of 176 shots against 194 points by West Midlands.

During the morning session both Singles players lost their matches, but there were wins for both Pairs, with Johnathon Smith and Anthony Ruddy having a comfortable result winning by 15 shots to 12. Trish Clifford and Richard Rose won their Pairs match easily by 17 shots to 7.  Both Triples teams lost their matches but in the Fours, Steve Tyler’s team had a handsome win by 13 shots to 3. Terry Clifford’s Fours team also had a comfortable win by 11 shots to 7. At the halfway stage the County and West Midlands were equal on points with the County having scored 89  shots to 90 shots by West Midlands.

During the afternoon, Jim Tringle won his Singles match very comfortably by 17 shots to 9 with Richard Tulbert unfortunately losing. In the Pairs Johnathon Smith and Anthony Ruddy lost their match but Trish Clifford and Richard Rose won their  match by 13 shots to 11 after a hard fought finish. In the Triples, Mark Bourne’s team lost by 1 shot in the last end to lose  by 11 shots to 12. Malcolm Saunders’ Triples team won convincingly by 20 shots to 11  after being 2 shots to 9 down early in the match. Both Fours teams lost their matches.

Results for each of the teams is shown below  :

Results table 7th November