County v Gloucestershire – Saturday 4th March 2023

This away fixture against Gloucestershire was the second leg of the 2023 Two Shires Trophy competition. Gloucestershire won scoring 29 points to Worcestershire’s 11. Worcestershire won 4 of the 16 individual gams played and drew 1.  Gloucestershire scored 181 shots to Worcestershire’s 161. The county’s 161 shots represented 47% of the total shots for the day, showing that the competition was much closer than points difference shows. Gloucestershire retain the Two Shires Trophy.

In the morning session there was only one win  –  June Green and Pete Forster won their pairs game 12-9. They were behind their opponents for most of the game and after the 11th end of their 13 end game were trailing 8-9. With 4 shots off the last two ends they clinched victory in the final end. Terry Clifford’s triples team were 6-9 down at the start of the final end, and with 3 shots taken off this final end of their game, drew level with their opponents with a 9-9 final score.

The afternoon session saw increased success for the county. Leah Bisseker and Richard Rose won their pairs game 11-8, winning nine of the 13 ends played. In the triples Jim Tingle’s team had a wonderful win by 19 shots to 6. They won 9 of the 13 ends played with an impressive 4 shots off ends 6,12 and 13. Alan Pashley’s triples team won by 13 shots to 9, having led throughout their game. John Plant’s triples team had a game to remember. After 8 ends they were 2-12 down and looking at a heavy defeat.  Their opponents did not score again, with John’s team scoring 9 shots off the last 5 ends , just falling short of winning, but ending up losing 11-12.

Summary of the day, play below  :