County v Herefordshire 16th October 2016

Herefordshire, fielding a very strong team and at home, won this fixture by 29 points to 11 ( 205 shots to Herefordshire and 149 for Worcestershire.

The first session was disappointing for the County with one Singles loss and also defeats for both Pairs teams. Richard Rose in his Singles match was close to victory only to be denied in the last end when his opponent drew level.

In the second session Mark Bourne’s Triples team had a narrow hard fought victory by 13 shots to 12 with the other Triples team narrowly losing by 9 shots to 12. Richard Hulbert’s Fours team had a well earned victory 8 shots to 6 with the other Fours team losing 7-10.

At the half way stage Worcestershire had two wins, one draw  out of the eight matches played.

The third session saw both Singles and Pairs losing.

The fourth session was the County’s most successful with two wins and one draw from the four matches played. Maureen Tingle’s Triples team won 12-9,Terry Clifford.s Fours team drew 8-8 and Richard Hulbert’s Fours team won their match 7-6 to clinch their second win of the day. This was a particularly satisfying day for Richard Hulbert’s Fours team as the Herefordshire Fours had only lost one match out of their previous eight matches.

A summary of the day’s play is set out below :