County v Stockport 8th October 2017

The County’s visit to Stockport on the 8th October resulted in a win for Stockport by 27 points to 13., with Stockport scoring 237 shots to Worcester’s 177.

Session  1.

Both Singles and Pairs lost their opening matches.

Session  2.

This session saw the county win two and draw one matches out of the four played. Maureen Tingle’s triples team  were 4-9 down after only four ends but came back very strongly to win their match 24-14. Terry Clifford’s Fours team had a consistent performance to win by 17-11 and Richard Payne’s Fours team who were 5-10 down with three ends to play earned a very worthy draw  –  10-10.

Session  3.

Jim Tingle in his Singles match was strong and consistent throughout, took the lead in the 8th end, and went on to win 16-12. Richard Rose and leah Thompson were 2-10 after six ends but came storming back to win their Triples match 16-13.

Session  4.

Mark Bourne’s Triples team took the lead in the 8th end  and went on to a convincing win 17-6.. Unfortunately the other Triples team and both Fours teams lost their matches.

Stockport 18 10 2017 001