ESMBA – Inter County Knockout – 21st February 2015

The County was drawn against Surrey in the quarter final of the 2015 inter county knockout competition held at Melksham, Wiltshire on the 21st February. The county lost, scoring 10 points against 30 for Surrey. The county’s shot total was 132 against 212 for Surrey. This means that the county is out of the 2015 consolation cup.

The first session  –  We were optimistic about a good result, but were soon struggling. Ian Davis had a slow start, was 4-10 down but fought  back to 14-14 and only lost on the last end. Richard Payne in his singles match had an off day. Both the pairs of Dave Grove and Keith Mills , and Trish Clifford and Richard Rose were struggling at the start, but came back well to achieve a draw and a loss by only one shot. The triples were a contrast. Terry Clifford’s team started well, stalled as the competition improved and unfortunately could not get back. Dave Powell’s team had a slow start but went on to win. The two fours teams unfortunately lost by uncomfortable margins.

Afternoon session.  –  Both the singles lost their matches but the two pairs teams won comfortably.. The triples again were a contrast. Terry Clifford’s team were overwhelmed and lost by 5 shots to 13. Dave Powell’s team powered to a five shot lead but were caught on the last end for a draw. Both the fours teams lost

The individual team results are shown below :

Table 21 feb 2015